How it works - For Managers

Looking to become a CEO? Labor & Capital can help.

How it works:

1. Business owners list their businesses on Labor & Capital when they're looking to sell so they can retire.

2. You apply to operate businesses under new ownership.

3. After reviewing your resume and talking with you, the seller can recommend you as an ideal CEO to run the business under new ownership.

4. An investor buys the business and installs you as CEO.

Browse businesses where the owner-operator is looking to retire.

Business owners post their listings for sale on Labor & Capital when they're looking to retire. You can browse and filter businesses to find ones that you would like to run.

Upload a resume and apply to run businesses.

You can apply to operates businesses under new ownership. Once you've applied, business owners and potential buyers will be able to review your resume and get in touch with you. If a seller looking to retire likes you, they can recommend you as the preferred operator to lead their business under new ownership.

Engage with prospective buyers and become a CEO.

Prospective buyers will get in touch with you to determine if you're the right fit to lead the business and drive value. If they decide to purchase the business, you can come to terms on a compensation package and become CEO of an established business.