How it works - For Sellers

Labor & Capital helps you sell your business for free and confidentially.

How it works:

1. Business owners or their representatives post businesses for sale.

2. If the buyer will have to hire a new CEO, manager candidates can apply to fill the role.

3. Buyers get in touch with sellers and prospective managers.

Post your business for sale - it's free and confidential.

Investors visit Labor & Capital every day to buy businesses like yours. Posting is easy, free, and discrete. You can also upload documents to help potential buyers learn more about your business.

Recommend your favorite manager to get full value for your business.

Businesses are worth more when they have management in place. If you’re selling so you can retire, Labor & Capital connects you with world-class managers who have applied to fill the CEO role for your business. Buyers know that you understand your businesses better than anyone, so it sends a powerful message when you vet candidates and recommend your favorite.

Engage with buyers and close the deal.

Buyers can contact you through Labor & Capital to learn more about your business. It’s now up to you to sell it to them. Once they’ve signed a confidentiality agreement, you should engage with them and provide quick, thoughtful responses to their questions.